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About Us


B&K is a family owned and operated company. B&K was founded by Bill Berzowski and Joe Kurilla, two hard working men that traded in the cold weather of Eastern Pennsylvania for sunny South Florida. After moving down to Miami, Joe and Bill started working together in the heavy construction industry for water and sewer management. As a result of the experience they gained in heavy construction, the brother-in-law’s decided to start their own business. B&K Installations was founded on March 12, 1979, as a fabrication and Installation company for fences, greenhouses, and shade houses. B&K has grown into an internationally known company, specializing in custom and weather resistant cultivation structures and industrial widgets.


Bill Berzowski




Bill Berzowski is the Founder of B&K Installations. He started his career in heavy construction building bridges, water treatment, and sewage treatment plants.  Bill has 3 years of trade school training as a machinist and 3 years of apprentice training as a tool and die maker. He is also a licensed Florida State General Contractor, with over 30 years of experience.

Joe Kurilla



Head of  Sales

Joe Kurilla is the Co-Founder of B&K Installations. Joe has over 30 years of involvement in heavy construction and as a Miami-Dade County licensed contractor. He specializes in sales and the satisfaction of our customers. He provides customers with a wealth of information about our products, to ensure their order will satisfy their needs and requirements.


AISC Certified

B&K Installations has met the quality requirements to receive a Standard for Steel Building Structures certification and a Standard for Bridge and Highway Metal Component Manufacturers certification. In order to receive these certifications, both the facility and the employees themselves are evaluated on a rigorous scale that looks at the manufacturing process from fabrication to shipping; this process can take up to six months to receive certification.  For 95 years AISC has been raising the bar for steel design and construction industry in order to assure the quality of steel construction in this country. The mission of AISC is to prevent errors by addressing all areas where problems can occur, instead of trying to correct things after they have become an issue. In order to get certification through AISC companies must be evaluated by receiving an administrative review, a documentation audit, and an on-site audit of the company’s quality management system.

Hurricane Tested

The B&K engineering team is highly educated in the construction of buildings that are located in areas that are highly susceptible to harsh wind and snow loads. If there is anyone that knows the power of hurricane winds it is B&K. B&K is located in Homestead Florida, one of the most active hurricane areas in the continental United States. B&K was open for over 10 years when the second costliest hurricane in American history, hurricane Andrew, tore through our town. Andrew caused agricultural loss of $1.04 billion in Florida alone. Nursery’s that took proper precautions were able to salvage their B&K greenhouses after Andrew wreaked havoc on Homestead; which is where the storm made landfall as a category 5 hurricane. So if intense wind or snow loads are a concern for you, trust the company that has had their products tested by more than just a computer program.

Member of FNGLA and South Florida Water Management Approved

B&K Installations, Inc. is an active member of Florida Nursery Growers and Landscapers Association since 1980 and is South Florida Water Management Approved. FNGLA works closely with SFWM to create guidelines that help to make companies go green for the benefit of south Florida’s fragile eco-system. B&K is a local company that is proud to be a part of an association that cares about bettering the communities we live and work in.

Member of NGMA

B&K Installations, Inc. has been a member of the National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association for more than 8 years. The NGMA motto is “to represent and advance the interests of the greenhouse industry through education, networking and communication” and as a loyal member B&K has adopted this motto as one of our own standards to uphold.

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